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Each retreat offering can be hosted on a site of your selection of your choosing.
Please go to the Contact tab to request rates.
Praying with the Body

Yoga for the Christian Experience


For Christians, the strongest metaphor is the Body of Christ. The 5,000 year old practice of yoga is a science designed to create balance within the mind-body-spirit relationship — helping those who practice to better their health, be their best representation, serve the world better and pray longer. In this yoga retreat, learn how yoga can accompany your Christian walk and do just this, as well as explore worship through devotional body prayer. 


1-day or Weekend Retreat Includes: Up to 5 yoga classes at various selected levels (yin, gentle, slow flow, slow burn and vinyasa), Yoga Scientific Foundations and Philosophy, Exploration of Meditation in the Christian Tradition and Devotional Body Prayer, Course Materials

Participants bring with them: Yoga mat, meditation cushion, wear comfortable, athletic-style clothing, towel for yoga practice, refillable water container


Honoring the Body

A Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Retreat for Women and/or Men

Honoring the Body is a dynamic yoga retreat for Christians providing time for renewal of body, stillness for the mind and healing for the spirit. In this retreat one can find deep teaching tools to reestablish this revitalization in everyday life. 


During this participants can weekend retreat: 

• Learn skills to experience more self-acceptance, correct perception and freedom 

• Explore concepts on wholeness from the psychology of the Yoga Sutras through the lens of the Gospel 

• Practice contemplative prayer through silence, guided meditation, movement and mindful eating 



• Up to 5 yoga classes including yin, gentle, slow flow, slow burn and vinyasa 

• Up to 5 transformational scriptural teaching talks 

• Prayer Service Sunday morning for those who wish to attend 

Participants bring with them:

• Yoga mat, towel, water bottle, loose fitting clothes 

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